28 March 2018


The village of Dochu is situated in the historical geographic area of  Tusheti, in Kakheti region, Eastern Georgia. It belongs to Akhmeta municipality and is located in Chagma community. It is located on the southern side of Makratela ridge that serves as a watershed between the Alazani of Tusheti and the Pirikita Alazani, at an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level.

In compliance with October 28, 2016 law of  National Agency of Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, the village of Dochu as the sample construction of Late Middle Ages has been given the status of Cultural Heritage Monument. There are 6 monuments of material culture in the village.   

Dochu is distinguished  with the plenty of three-storeyed houses and balconies. The village is located high on the jutting edge.  The place is also called Warriors’ Village  ,,grown“  on the summit.

The villagers had no lord to obey to. Their mission and duty was to be the first both to detect the enemy and fight with them – to die or to win, to safeguard those who counted on them. Mothers were also aware of this mission. Living on a steep place and fearing that their toddlers might crawl and fall in some abyss, they used to tie them to the poles they stuck in the earth while they did their job. They also say that no one would take up the tied child in hand to soothe no matter how much they cried save for some urgent need that threatened their safety. From the very young age children were made to get accustomed to their native land, the spirit of the place, never to abandon it in future. As the kids grew older they were trained as real warriors. The more scar men had, the better warriors they were.