03.07.1996  the law “about the system of Protected Areas” rolled  a new wave  of environmental protection and acknowledging the  value of natural wealth the country had .As stated in the law “The creation of Protected Areas in Georgia meets challenges as protecting and restoring valuable national heritage such as unique, rare and characteristic ecosystems, species of flora and fauna, natural creations and cultural areas, to ensure sustainable use of these resources for educational, recreational and farming development.”

 In 2003 22.04. with the law “about establishing and managing of protected areas of Tusheti, Batsara-Babaneuri,lagodekhi and Vashlovani” along with Tusheti National Park and Tusheti National Reserve The Protected Landscape of Tusheti emerged .

Created “….to protect cultural landscapes of national importance, outstanding with its high aesthetic values and formed as a result of harmonic interaction between man and nature in order to maintain vital environment for recreational-touristic and traditional livelihood activities”

While Tusheti National Park focuses on conserving biodiversity with protection, monitoring activities and raising awareness of future generation and general public with rich school programs, summer school camps, folk festivals and social advertisement , the aims of The Administration of The Protected Landscape of Tusheti are even more diverse and comprehensive.

 Acting on difficult terrain of man-nature interaction which lasted thousands of years, but was interrupted in the twentieth century, The Administration of The Protected Landscape of Tusheti is trying to find the best solutions for the new millennium. Our aim is to conserve landscapes of national importance but also let traditional livelihoods such as sheep breeding and agriculture develop in harmony with nature and support green tourism.

The full name of the “Administration” is Non-profit (non-commercial) legal entity “The Administration of the Protected Landscape of Tusheti” . Legal entity is empowered to lead supportive commercial activities investing the whole profit into implementation of its objectives and goals. Profit gained by such activities cannot be divided either among the founders, members  and contributors of the Nonprofit (non-commercial) legal entity, or governance representatives and officials.

The founder of the “Administration” is The Akhmeta Municipality in 2011.

Legal address of the Administration is Tusheti, Village Omalo, Administration building. The actual address in winter : Akhmeta, Cholokashvili st 48. e-mail  :

The aims and functions of the “Administration” are the following:

To protect separate cultural components of the Tusheti Protected landscape ecosystems from degradation and destruction.

To preserve and maintain architectural monuments and historical cultural landscape valued as national heritage.

To create necessary infrastructure to meet increasing recreational needs on natural and historic-cultural resources in the high mountainous area.

To support tourism.

To conserve and revive species of flora and fauna common for ecosystems of Tusheti.

To cooperate with international and non-governmental organizations.

Recreational, tourism and educational activities.

To support traditional livelihoods.

“The Management plan for The Protected Landscape of Tusheti” financed and elaborated by The Czech Development Agency and The Agency of Nature and Environment Protection of The Czech Republic was proved by the Georgian parliament and signed by the prime minister in the summer of 2015. The management plan contains activities scheduled in 6 year time span setting into force from its signature. These activities enhance almost all fields the Administration is involved in-tourism infrastructure, traditional livelihood development and conservation activities.