Domestic waste management

13 June 2017

The protected landscape of Tusheti is governed by Akhmeta municipality. There are about 50 villages and deserted villages, 42 guest houses and more than 100 cattle farms in this area. During the summer season about 10-12 thousand of people are visiting Tusheti for both tourism and agricultural purposes, about 75% of visitors are foreigners.
The continuous increase of visitors causes the increase of waste mass more and more yearly, having no waste management regulations currently existing pollution poses a threat to the health of human and animals. The waste widely scattered in the nature, time by time flows down through the steep slopes, snow and streams into the gorge and joins the river Alazani and significantly harms the general eco system of Tusheti. Considering all the above mentioned circumstances, within the scope of the project, the necessary infrastructure of domestic waste management has been created: trash bins, 2 spec vehicles, compost pits and solid waste terminals in Omalo. The utilization of organic waste will take place in Omalo, whereas the solid waste will be collected and relocated to Telavi municipal landfill.