Location: Village (upper) Omalo

Vepkhia Rainauli

Tel: 551 44 00 07

Number of Rooms:  10

Number of Bathrooms: 9

Maximum number of guests: 24


Meal only: Reservation

Special services: best standards at best prices. Nice café, best cook. you get what you pay for!

Language: Russian, English


Location: Village (upper) Omalo

Natia Bakuridze

Tel: 595 26 20 46

E - mail:

Web - site:

Number of Bathrooms: 10

Number of Rooms:11

Maximum number of guests: 25


Special services: high standard,  horse and Jeep tours.

Language: English, Russian, German

Driver: call the owner.


Location: Village Omalo

Makvala Melaidze

Tel: 599 10 45 90

E - mail:

Number of Bathrooms:  7

Number of Rooms: 7

Maximum number of guests: 15

Prices: fixed and optional

Night stay with 2 meals:  75  GEL

Night stay only:   40 GEL

Meal only: the visitor center has a cafeteria with wide range of choice.

Special services: visitor center gallery, visitor service specialist from national park administration will give you a guidance regarding your track, you can also stay at camping places or at the hostel for reasonable prices.

Discount: children

Language: Russian, English