28 March 2018


The village of Shenaqo is situated in the historical geographic area  of  Tusheti, in Kakheti region, Eastern Georgia. It belongs to Akhmeta municipality and is located in Chaghma community, at an altitude of  2080 meters above sea level. It is 100 km distance from Akhmeta.

Shenaqo is subordinated to the Alaverdi Eparchy of Patriarchate of Georgia .

The village has its winter migratory place or “Boseli” (cow-shed), located at an altitude of 1890 meters above sea level.

Among the Tushetian villages, Shenaqo has the most distinguished and complete layout of structure. There are two to three main roads (ascents) leading to the head of the village where there is a square surrounded by houses from three sides and the fourth leads open to the church and the mountains around. The church dates back to XIX century. There is a memorial monument in front of it dedicated to the locals of Diklo and Shenaqo who died for their homeland in the years of 1837-1967. There is a line of poetry on the memorial celebrating the valor of the Tushetians despite their few number.  

Equally well-planned is the winter residence of Shenaqo inhabitants, so called “Boslebi” (cow-sheds). It is the wonderful sense of unity among the scattered houses that lends the landscape a breathtaking quality. 

The first Georgian archeological excavations were held in Tusheti in 1975 by Janashia State Museum. The excavations lasted until 1992 and were mainly conducted on Nishtako hill, in the village of Shenaqo. The results yielded the following: Nishtako hill turned out to have been a religious center for a long time. Among the discovered sites the earliest which is a shrine, dates back to II-I centuries BC. The artefacts  show that human sacrifice was a usual ritual there. According to R. Dolaberidze, the shrine may have been that principal cathedral which is mentioned by Greek geographer Strabo (64/63 BC – 23/24 AD) in his study “Geography” when he speaks about the slave sacrifice. 

Shenaqo is provided with electricity bythe local hydroelectric plant which was enabled by the support of Winrock Georgia USAID and other organizations.