Tusheti Road

6 June 2017

The cleaning works are still in action on the only connecting road to Tusheti. As per the official announcement of the Georgian Road Department the Tusheti road will be ready to open as of 25th June. The statement is enclosed.
,,Around 300 000 cubic meters of rock mass was shattered during the winter months at km 56 of Pshaveli-Abano-Omalo, in Tusheti, as a result of which road carriageway was covered about 10 meters high and the flow of the Alazani River was locked up. It should be noted that landslide processes are still ongoing in Tusheti. Due to damming up the Alazani River, a lake with a depth of 10 m and a length of 300 m has been formed, which flooded access road to the place of disaster. In order to start restoration works, Roads Department regularly conducts monitoring for the disaster zone.
We warn residents and those seeking to travel to Tusheti that road pavement is free from snow until km56 of Pshaveli-Abano-Omalo road, however, intense rock fall takes place near the disaster zone and movement is totally forbidden for people as well as vehicles.’’